The Final Insult [The Vault #3]

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In our first two weeks, we met Bigren the Bitter, a barkeep sporting a dislike of the Adventurers, and explored options we could give the players to respond to his rancor.  In week 3 we complete our tawdry tale of alehouse animosity, giving Bigren some teeth to make the Adventurers take him seriously.  By adding our familiar "> Roll a [roll]" code in the Quest Creator, we can make Bigren's choice result in a consequence for the party.  I've included some suggestions in parentheses next to Bigren's action.

Bigren’s dislike has brought him to…

  1. …commission a thief to steal from their rooms. (Failed roll: Discard 1 Loot Item. Succeeded: Capture the thief.)

  2. …hire a Nightblade to assassinate the Adventurer he dislikes. (Failed roll: Combat. Succeeded: Surprise round.)

  3. …rub the bedding in your room down with poison ivy. (Failed roll: Take 2 damage. Succeeded: Detect and avoid the ivy.)

  4. …spit in their drinks.

  5. …try to poison them. (Failed roll: Take 4 damage. Succeeded: Detect and avoid poison.)

  6. …put a diarrhetic in their drinks. (Failed roll: -2 to all rolls next combat. Succeeded: You've befouled Bigren's business. This is its own reward.)

  7. …eavesdrop on their plans. (Failed roll: Add extra Tier to next encounter. Succeeded: Feed him false info. Reduce Tier level by 1 next Encounter).

  8. …start rumors about the Adventurers. (Failed: Stores charge extra 20%. Succeeded: Get 5% off Inn bill.)

  9. …arrange for prostitutes to besmirch their reputations.

  10. …hang effigies of the adventurers behind the bar. (Failed roll: -2 to next Magic Ability roll. Succeeded: Snatch the effigies when Bigren isn't looking.)

  11. …hire a witch to hex them.

  12. …deny them rooms in the Inn, because “it’s full”.

  13. …"gift" them a Tier I Loot item (that will automatically roll a “1” when used).

  14. …"gift" them a "charm" that will actually raise the first adventurer reduced to “0” hp as an enemy Zombie.

  15. …spray them with musk of horny dragon. (Failed roll: -1 to all rolls for the next game day, as you anxiously scan the sky for dragonsign. Succeeded: +1 to all attempts to charm anyone.)

  16. …accuse them of “offending the gods”.

  17. …give free drinks to any patron who can knock out the adventurer in a barfight. (Failed roll: Combat against 3 Tiers worth of Brigands. Succeeded: Intimidated the patrons enough to avoid combat.)

  18. …try to be a better man and reconcile with you.

  19. …betroth his daughter to another of your rivals.

  20. …choose 2 from the list.

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