Wrath of the Undead [The Vault #4]

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Fall is here and Halloween approaches!  For the next month we'll try and help with your Halloween themed quests.

Making enemies interesting can be difficult.  It can also be extremely rewarding to watch your players develop relationships, attitudes, or dislikes toward non-player characters.  Something as simple as a Title hints at a story within a story, using the players' imaginations to do your work for you. 

How did "Ancalagon, Enthraller of the Undead" come by his power, minions, or station?  

Many authors make use of alliteration or titles to "put flesh" on the bones of their protagonists and antagonists.  George R.R. Martin has famously done this in the "Song of Ice and Fire" series (Game of Thrones).  The videogame "Shadow of Mordor" managed to take a rather traditionally boring set of enemies (orcs) and "made it personal" and constantly fresh by refusing to let them remain generic.  Many players found that an orc, by any other name (or rather when given a personal name) is in fact no longer just an orc.

Below are 20 titles to personalize your Undead villains/Encounter cards, each providing a slight modification to spice up combat with existing cards.  After you've given your fearsome fiend a first name (for example, "Ancalagon"), add the title and its modification.  

  1. _The Corrupter_ (#Corrupter) Unliving death passes from it to victims like a foul contagion. > Killed adventurers rise as Zombies.

  2. _The Rotting_ (#Rotting) Decay has made it more vulnerable to brute force. > This foe takes 1 extra damage from Melee abilities.

  3. _Zombie Lord_ (#Zombielord) Power flows from it into the mindless dead. > Zombies deal one hp of damage to one adventurer when they surge.

  4. _Vampire Lord_ (#Vamplord) Long ages together have taught imbued the other vampires with the strength of their master. > Vampires deal and regain 1 extra hp on surge.

  5. _Lich Lord_ (#Lichlord) Older than most... > Encounter enemy plays a :magic: ability at start of Combat.

  6. _Enthraller of Undead_ (#Enthraller) Fell mental influence allows deadly coordination in the group. > Increase Tier Value by 2.

  7. _The Magus_ (#Magus) Dispelling the dweomers of the living comes naturally to this undead. > Takes -1 damage from :magic: Abilities.

  8. _The Necromancer_ (#Necromancer) It stokes the fires of death... > Play the Soulfire :Magic: Ability on Surge.

  9. _Bloodtaker_ (#Bloodtaker) Violence makes it stronger. > Heals 1 damage every round enemies deal damage.

  10. _Gravemaster_ (#Gravemaster) Even the dead can be summoned back by this creature. > Add an extra Tier 1 Undead Encounter card and update the Tier sum.

  11. _Soul Shackler_ (#Shackler) You feel the power of a mind steeped in ancient and sepulcher energies assault your own. > -1 to all Adventurer rolls.

  12. _The Fetid_ (#Fetid) The nauseating reek of death assaults your nostrils before you see your foe. > -1 to all non-:ranged: Adventurer rolls.

  13. _The Shambler_ (#Shambler) It comes toward you at a pace slower than you'd expect. > Surges one round later than normal.

  14. _The Clutching Death_ (#Clutching) The terrible thing lunges in to grip you tightly. > :melee: ability misses result in 1 damage.

  15. _Deathblade_ (#Deathblade) Centuries of undeath have made it even deadlier with the blade. > Play the "Whirlwind" :melee: Ability at start of combat.

  16. _Eater of the Dead_ (#Eater) He's been feasting on the dead, and has grown strong with it. > Whenever an :undead: dies, this foe recovers 1 hp.

  17. _Barrow Lurker_ (#Barrow) Dank air and darkness wreath it in a power only the sun can dispel. > Takes -1 to damage while in catacombs or crypts.

  18. _The Husk_ (#Husk) Age has weakened its corpse. > Has 2 fewer starting hp.

  19. _Corpse Tearer_ (#Tearer) The sight of living flesh inspires in it an unnatural rage. > This encounter card plays a :melee: Ability at the start of combat.

  20. _Of Dead Eyes_ (#Deyes) It's eyes glare milky white and half-seeing. > All :ranged: abilities deal +1 damage to this foe.

Happy questing!

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